Intuitive Psychic Tarot Readings

A journey of discovery…

Everyone has times in their life when they are overwhelmed or confused or faced with a situation which seems impossible to understand or resolve. It is these situations which leave us asking more questions with less answers. It’s in these times that an Intuitive Psychic Tarot reading is valuable through offering you support. In the process of the reading you will gain the perspective you need to make the decisions that are best for you.

Many people believe that a reading will tell you what will happen in your future. However, this is far from the truth. As the enquirer, it is a journey of discovery. You can discover more about yourself, through understanding the past, what is happening for you now in the present and being more aware of the choices you have moving forward.

Here at Intuitive Psychic Tarot, a reading is the journey of empowerment through free will choice and having control over your destiny. This is because a reading is offers insight, clarity, direction and awareness into your individual situation. Through this process of self-understanding comes self-knowing and growth. 

Your future is in your hands and an intuitive psychic tarot reading will help you take control of your life and make decisions that are right for you.

All sessions are:

  • All sessions are private and confidential.
  • Conducted by Zoom only.
  • By appointment only and offered on select days and evenings. 
  • One hour in duration and extended sessions are available at the time of the booking.
  • Recorded free of charge, for your convenience (with your permission of course!). The session recording is then uploaded to Dropbox for you to access.


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