Intuitive Tarot Course

Learning to read the Tarot Cards isn’t difficult when you memorise their meanings, as defined by someone else. So why attend an in-depth intuitive and psychic development course which teaches you to do Tarot Readings? Here is why…


A long time ago, after I had completed a two-year intuitive development course and learnt the Tarot Cards, I needed unbiased reading to help me through a difficult period. I then had a reading by someone who memorised the cards in their specific positions, but the reading was in no way insightful or revealing. In fact, I could have saved myself the time and money by pulling out a few cards and read their meanings from a book. The reality is that I wanted a reading which gave me insight, clarity, awareness, direction and confirmation to my questions. I wanted an intuitive and psychic reading using the Tarot Cards. You see, I just assumed that everyone used their intuition when offering a reading. It was then I realised that many tarot courses offered, taught students the cards’ meanings without any intuitive development or connection to them.

However, what if you could offer a reading where each card ‘speaks’ to you…?

The course outcomes

My Intuitive Tarot Course is a comprehensive 12 week (48 hour) course which helps you develop:

  • your intuition,
  • a relationship with each card
  • an understanding of their relationship with each other (combinations) and
  • an understanding of the cards in different positions

This course opens an intuitive dialogue with each card so that you are sharing their UNIQUE message to you, for the enquirer. This is vastly different to repeating the meanings that someone else has defined as their message. Even though each card has a global meaning however, through this course you will develop a relationship with each card just as you would with a new friend. By learning the language of the cards and your intuition, you discover their depth and complexity and the more you get to know them, without judgement.

The course offers:

  • 48 hours of class time over 12 weeks
  • Understanding and developing a relationship with each card in the Major and Minor Arcana
  • Developing an understanding of the cards interrelated relationships
  • Developing your intuition
  • Understanding the positions of several basic spreads
  • Practical sessions within the class and for real clients at the end of the course
  • How to set up a practice, attract clients and earn an income
  • A workbook / manual
  • Meditation CD to assist in your intuitive development


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