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Welcome to Intuitive Psychic Tarot
(formerly Accelerated Healing).

I feel very blessed in being able to offer Intuitive Psychic Tarot Readings since 1998. Over the years I have done hundreds of readings for all kinds of people from all kinds of places, and being a part of their journey of discovery.

The interesting thing that I have discovered is that readings offer direction, guidance, support, insight, knowledge, awareness, a different perspective and sometimes confirmation of what you already know. The most important thing I’ve experienced is that readings offer empowerment to the enquirer in being able to make their own decisions.

So to be clear, I am not a fortune teller! I cannot tell you how your future will unfold because I believe that our destiny is not set in stone; because we all have the power to make our own decisions. We all have free-will-choice and with the information from a reading, you are in a better position to understand your past, your present, and your future. Your future is in your hands, and an intuitive psychic tarot reading can provide that.

Also, I believe that everyone is born intuitive! I chose to develop this after a period in my life when I was exploring meditation and personal development. I realised that I could develop this side of me and be of service to others. As a child, I was often getting into trouble for saying personal things about or to people that I ‘didn’t know anything about’. How did I know as a child, what I was saying? It must have been my intuition, and I am not alone. Everyone has experienced this sort of thing even if we don’t remember specific situations! 

I began to develop my intuition when I started meditating and doing some personal development work. As I began to expand my skills, so did my intuition. From there I became so fascinated with Tarot and found that the cards were able to expand my intuition even further. I have built a relationship with the cards who have become a kind of family for me. I have learnt their personalities and the characters so when they appear in a spread, I can understand their message with respect and understanding. I definitely don’t ‘read’ the text book definitions of the cards.

I look forward to hearing from you with any reading enquiry and I feel very blessed to be a part of your journey. 

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Lydia Deukmedjian
Intuitive Psychic Tarot Reader


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